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We Plan, Design, Build & Deliver

Hello. We are SetCode.
A Brand Agency focused on Vision, Product and People.


Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realisation. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions.

Ecommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake


7 Advantages of E-Commerce for Consumers & Businesses

  • Overcome Geographical Limitations
  • Enable Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying
  • Provide Abundant Information
  • Remain Open All the Time
  • Create Markets for Niche Products
  • More Informed Decision-making
  • Wider Customer Base

E-commerce always was the way of the future, but now it is more than ever before. The outside world has become a place of uncertainty, caution, and social distancing, bringing to light the many e-commerce advantages for businesses and consumers.

Featured projects

Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler


Pixel perfect design and clear code delivered.

What we can do for you & your business

We don’t just sell websites, we create websites that SELL

You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and bring them back to your store.

Exon ChanDigital Consultant of SetCode Consultancy

When you say it, it’s marketing. When your customer says it, it’s social proof.

Joseph LaiProject Director of SetCode Consultancy

Communication is at the heart of E-commerce and community.

Aaron LamCustomer Service of SetCode Consultancy

Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.

Zack YeeProject Manager of SetCode Consultancy

You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.

Jessica LeongSales Manager of SetCode Consultancy

If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.

Rick PongSales Manager of SetCode Consultancy