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What we completed

The true ENTREPRENEUR is a risk taker, not an excuse maker.

Panjang Kee

Panjang Kee Sdn Bhd is one of the largest fully integrated producers of poultry, eggs and livestock feed in Southeast Asia. Currently, we are present in five of the fast-growing economies in the Southeast Asian region, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines.

Supremeo Popcorn

Delight in every bite! We offer a range of fully coated, round popcorn made from mushroom popcorn kernels. Each product is HALAL, GMP & HACCP certified and made with no artificial seasoning and colouring. There are 3 main flavours – Caramel Butter, Dark Chocolate and Salted Egg with more on the way.

Mamagirl Baking

Mama Girl Baking represents a mama’s girl who have the determination to start a whole new career. Besides the encouragement from my friends and my strong interest in the baking industry, the greatest motivation for me to pursue my new career is to provide a better life for my mother who sacrifices so much for the family. Hence in the current moment, the most important role to me is to earn more income so that my mother can lead a better life.

Ratusan Malaysia

Ratusan is a business that seeks for love and passion to provide an exclusive range of product selection originating from Southeast Asia. We are not only focus on profit gained but we aim to creating a healthy business environment with the transparency and trust between us and our valuable clients.

SVO 1 Group

1 GROUP is the pioneer of a new e commerce model committed to providing a novel and thorough 5S e commerce system as well as an entrepreneurial platform that provides all round skills training.

Naturally Langkawi

Discover a faraway island, a tropical paradise in Langkawi. Alluring and idyllic in its natural beauty. Majestic and spectacular in its cultural heritage. Experience the Isles of Legends – Langkawi.

Kredence Creative Solutions

Kredence Creative Solutions is a business consulting and marketing agency providing a range of tailored business services for companies of all sizes, especially specializing in digital services, development and transformation.

iGate Malaysia

An expert company that specializes in arm Auto gate systems. We could see that the market needed a completely new approach to auto gate systems. So, after an exhaustive research and development program, iG was born. Promising to shatter the quality issues.

Autophic Creation

We are a Creative & Marketing Agency with a Passion for Everything. Over 500+ SME’s, Agencies, Marketing Teams & Startups have used AUTOPHIC for their marketing needs.

Cavilla Official

Cavilla My Global is the destination for those looking for the next big thing. Whether it’s a problem-solving treatment or a yet unheard-of oil, we pride ourselves on our transparency and only sell the products that blow us away.

Ushi Malaysia

The One Stop Supplier In Motorcycle Accessories & Spare Parts. USHI business has been focusing on supplying high quality motorcycle batteries in the market.

Efarm Malaysia

Experience Organic & Healthy Lifestyle. We aim to innovate the agriculture industry by using modern technology to grow fresh organic vegetable right in the heart of the city. Creating an urban farm that makes fresh organic vegetable accessible directly from the farm or via delivery all over Klang Valley.

Vintage Sac Malaysia

Vintage Sac offers a premium shopping experience and appreciation for preloved timeless vintage luxuries. Vintage Sac houses authenticated bags, wallets, timepieces, and accessories from around the world.

UG Fresh Mart

Urban Green Freshmart Sdn Bhd was established in the year of 2019. There are already two retail stores at Eco Botanic and Nusa Idaman. The company focuses on retail of fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented by convenience stores, It is a combination of fresh and convenience of modern integrated chain.

Stock Friendship Malaysia


Interior Plus Asia

Interior Plus is made up of partnerships between young, creative, experienced and highly-qualified interior design professionals, who are chosen after undergoing stringent and comprehensive selection processes. Possessing in-depth understanding of the demands and expectations of our consumers today has enabled us to provide the most effective interior design solutions for you.

Joje Collection

JOJE Collection, Korean inspired jewellery shop design with a twist of Malaysia culture.

Time and Motions

Being the first in Malaysia to carry a lathe machine, Time & Motions has built up their experience in difficult jobs which require highly unwavering patience, deep technical skills and mastery of latest watch-making technologies.

Oren Bakery

We believe in making good bread. As we’ve grown, so has our menu and our community, yet our values have stayed the same. We take the time to make our bread, pastries, cakes, breakfasts and lunches as we always have – with care, by hand and according to the season – so that we don’t need to compromise on what we eat, whether we’re on the go, or taking time out in one of our bakeries.

Sunrose Food Sdn Bhd

Our company is specialized in fruit cultivation, acquisition, processing, storage, transportation, wholesale, supermarket distribution, import and export of fresh fruits and produce.

Atazz Collection

ATAZZ is a newly established Muslimah industry with the vision to deliver stylish, comfortable, astonishing and stunning Muslimah Wear to our beautiful clients at an affordable price.

Mossarium Penthouse & Suites

MOSSARIUM.COM is a B2B & B2C _ OTA platform with its office based in Genting Highlands.

Paramount Postpartum Care

At Paramount, it brings together proven traditions and modern means to offer the right remedy for women. In light of the rising population and general shift towards quality lifestyle, Paramount aims to improve the postpartum experience for all mothers.

Grains Resource


Trinity Squad Sdn Bhd

Practice with the professional skill that creates happiness and lifestyle environment on our high-profile of detailing and quality finishes while ensuring fit the budgets.


At ThemeGood, we believe promoting healthy life is more than an errand. That’s why it’s our pledge to always go above and beyond. Experts suggested that the nutritional and phytochemical components by pairing whole grains and beans may have a synergistic effect that provides significant health benefits.

Angelbell Kindergarten

Angelbell is truly excited to bring the best to all our children! We are so grateful to have these loving children & supportive parents for the past 16 years. With a blend of various educational methods, we hope to transform young learners into future leaders by unleashing their full potential in a fun and lively environment. Extensive syllabus will be introduced to our children.

Greenseal Products (M) Sdn Bhd

GREENSEAL is the registered trade name of Greenseal Products (M) Sdn Bhd which covers a wide range of products used for the effective waterproofing and protection of concrete. We have been providing the complete and most effective waterproofing solution to cater to all kind of requirement in construction since 1977.

Lin Flower Gift

We have a range of flower styles and bouquet designs for all occasions. looking for the perfect birthday gift, want to show that special someone how much you’re thinking of them, or simply want to brighten up your home, Lin Flower Gift has it all!

MBF Furniture

There’s nothing defining a home better than its furniture! You can either feel comfortable inside the place you spend most of your life…or you just can’t…it’s all about the choices you make. Mymattress2u was born to bring that comfort into your home by offering ‘taste’ at the lowest prices in town.

YP Montessori

YP’s name is derived from the surname of both founders – Ms. Yap and Ms. Pang. During their university study time in Australia, they noticed the differences of kids’ upbringing and social life compared those in Malaysia.

Taroko Malaysia

Taroko Malaysia is your one-stop shop for replacement high quality used OEM automotive parts and accessories. Since 2000 we have served hundreds of thousands of customers across the world, working hand in hand to find high quality parts for your vehicle.

荟汐 & 佰皙美


Miss Rudolf Malaysia

Miss Rudolf, a brand for youthful skin, was formally established in 2016 and the brand is headquartered in Hong Kong. Miss Rudolf’s products cover skin care, make-up, and wash care fields. There are three series of products including the beautiful witch series, the small tender film series and the peace of mind series. Miss rudolf brand positioning: fashion color care for women around the world. Beauty does not need to be hurt.

WT Tankpro Sdn Bhd

WT TANKPRO SDN BHD was established in 1998 as a water tank specialist. To date, we have 20 years experience in providing all types of water tank. W.T. are specialized in water tank installation, supplies, service and maintenance. W.T. are a one stop company that provides excellence services to all water tank related issues.

Karisma Malaysia

Karisma provides manufacturing of electro-forge-welded steel grating products and solutions for various applications worldwide!

Lao Nong Jia 老农家


Ezypak Malaysia

We are the Most Comprehensive Ready to Eat (RTE)/Ready to Cook (RTC) Food Packaging Solutions Provider in Malaysia

Facture Apparel Sdn Bhd

Facture Apparel is one of the market finest tailor-made in the supply of personalised clothing. From our large factory facility in Klang, we undertake a full range of garment customisation techniques including Embroidery, Screen Print, etc.

Allo Technology

Allo Technology Sdn. Bhd. (Allo!), is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service provider based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

The Giftmall

GiftMall, largest online gift store in Malaysia featuring 2000+ Gift Choices with more than 20 gift types! Surprise your loved ones with seamless gifting experience via GiftMall today!

Dermind Malaysia


Saxco Security

Saxco Marketing Sdn Bhd was locally incorporated in the year 1993, as the main distributor of all kind of professional security products in Malaysia. Starting with a small propriety company with 3 employees and now the staff has successfully expanded to 60 employees which include Sales Department, Account Department, After-Sales Services Department, Technical Support Department, and Purchasing Department.

Cheong Jun Hoong 張俊虹

Cheong Jun Hoong 張俊虹 (born 16 April 1990) is a Malaysian diver. She won a silver medal in the synchronised 10m platform event at the 2016 Summer Olympics. At the 2017 World Aquatics Championships, she became Malaysia’s first diving world champion after winning the 10m platform event.

TRX Mortage

Kami adalah pakar pinjaman tinggi dengan lebih daripada 10 tahun pengalaman di Malaysia. Kami menyediakan rangkaian penuh nasihat dan pengurusan pinjaman kepada lebih 5000+ pelanggan yang berpuas hati.

iPet Express Sdn Bhd

Ipet Express is a fun-loving pet goods supplies dedicated to helping pet owners express their love, adoration, and sometimes even their obsessiveness, with their beloved pets. We stock one of the widest ranges of pet goods available anywhere and we are constantly evaluating new products.

Yuta Seafood


Zion Chong


Skincare Focus

In skincare focus, we chose Dermalogica as our exclusive and ideal skin care product. It is renowned as the No.1 choice for professional skin care therapist and consumers. With over 20 years (since 1999) of professional products knowledge and trainer experience, our founder train and guide skincare focus estheticians to serve together as a strong skilful team These are what make us a credible skincare solution specialist.

Pon72 Sdn Bhd


Megaman Malaysia

MEGAMAN® is a global brand to have exclusively provided energy-efficient lighting products throughout its lifetime. Originated in Germany, the brand has gone from strength to strength over 25 years since its inception in 1994.

Guanyin World 观音世界基金会

观音世界基金会是一个非营利机构,成立的使命是推动与实践创办人 — 明吉法师 “弘扬慈悲精神,共建和谐世界” 的理念。我们的弘化精神就是以菩萨作为我们的学习对象。菩萨普渡众生都具备了慈悲喜舍,以无量心来给予别人快乐,拔除别人的痛苦。

Sunshine Kingdom


Online Kaki

Online Kaki is a social media live-streaming platform aiming to give human touch to engage with our fans. An interaction that asks intelligent questions of the consumer and then delivers a product choice that fits their immediate needs is likely to deliver a higher conversion rate and a much better experience for the customer.

IUIITZ Malaysia

Established in 1995, Iuiitz is a beauty care specialist has been supplying a vast range of products & services into the healthcare sector. The foundation for our steady growth over decades has been our strong business ethics and values, of integrity, trust, and long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and all we work with.

Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd

Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd is the Master Developer of Cyberjaya entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that Cyberjaya is properly planned and developed with world class infrastructure and amenities to make it a sought after location to attract Multi-national Companies to locate their businesses in Cyberjaya.

Royal Fitness

Royal Fitness stands as a professional platform for those who are interested to fitness and bodybuilding. We provide everything you need from top to bottom. Royal Fitness is an athletic brand which owned by Roygenix JD Resources.

Pdora Asia

PDORA品牌公司拥有4万多平米的自家工厂,15年的内衣生产经验,获得多项欧盟认证。PDORA认为穿着束缚感强烈,带有钢圈和侧骨的内衣会对女性乳房的健康造成伤害,因此,我们始终坚持:* 无感0束缚* 解放女性胸部*把最美好的一切全给女人。

Yet Malaysia

A registered trademark in Malaysia, YET® has been the trusted brand for 20 years to many reputable brands, businesses and consumers. We develop the best quality Mist Cooling System, Air Cooler & Industrial Ventilation Fan that last a lifetime and the service level to go with it – Lifetime satisfaction guaranteed.

Eco Interior Supplies Sdn Bhd

ECO Interior Supplies Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company started as a supplier and importer of quality marbles and granites. We have over 20 years of combined experience in the Malaysian Marble and stone industry focusing on Indonesian Marble and other imported stones from different parts of the world.

Dex One Stop

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Dato’ Dex Chew founded DEX Group Holding Sdn Bhd and Global Vape Cafe Sdn Bhd. The company believes in innovative and scientific management approaches. He believes in honesty, innovation, hard work and sustainability in business.


凭借谨慎的管理实践,创造性的多彩设计描绘了马来西亚文化和标志性地标,以及强大的品牌塑造,阳光王国(Sunshine Kingdom)今天被公认为第一个在马来西亚被授予“超级品牌”地位的榴莲公司。 在过去的一年半时间里,该公司已经赢得了8个着名的品牌奖。阳光王国(Sunshine Kingdom)主打榴莲产品,盛享榴莲的自然美味。公司最大的愿景是为深度挖掘马来西亚榴莲文化的独特魅力,推动榴莲行业的贸易商机与马来西亚旅游潜在契机,因此榴莲产品系列是公司售卖中最畅销的主打产品。

Reborn Global

REBORN 创办人在从事女性护理业务17年, 经过了这些年的努力,她们无疑更知道女性如何 “正确的保养私密处,提高女人越来越懂得爱自 己的意识,让女人更女人,获得重生的机会。

A Razak & Co

A Razak & Co. was incorporated in 1992.
The owner A. Razak has over 30 year of experience i.e. 5 years in the “Big Four” International accounting firms in the world (ie Ernst & Young and KPMG Peatmarwick) and 28 years running A. Razak & Co.

MZ Clinic

At MZ Clinic, we are passionate about our clients’ beauty and well-being. We are an one stop aesthetic clinic providing wide range of beauty services from skincare to aesthetic services.

Doutor Malaysia

Founded as a roaster in 1962, and started our first coffee shop in 1980, our founder, Hiromichi Toriba has been dedicating his life to coffee. Today, Doutor Coffee has more than 1,200 outlets throughout the world. Doutor Coffee provides freshly brewed coffee, freshly prepared food and variety of imported pastries.

Tin Secret Singapore

成立于2020年7月的 Official TST Singapore,是上海达尔威贸易有限公司旗下TST品牌进军东南亚市场策略的首站。TST品牌是林瑞阳、张庭伉俪创立的自有品牌,目前以护肤化妆品为主要品类。

Tin Secret Malaysia

We aim to offer our customers a variety of the latest skincare & beauty products. We’ve come a long way, so we know exactly which direction to take when supplying you with high quality yet budget friendly products. We offer all of this while providing excellent customer service and friendly support.

Northern Solar

Northern solar is a full end-to-end service provider that help investors to transform their roof top with Solar System to generate clean renewable energy. We provide consulting, project management, design supply & installation, operation & maintenance service for residential, commercial, industrial and large scale solar farm projects.

Signhub Malaysia

SignHub was established in light of Covid-19 Pandemic that affects many offline businesses. We are a team of experienced marketeer with more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience that leads by the CEO of Signhub, Mr Simon Wong.

M Plan

M-PLAN health care concept is to pass on health care knowledge and health care concepts. We provide the perfect health investment for the whole family with the best quality products and the most comprehensive nutrition. Among the M-PLAN nutritional supplements, many are in food mode, easy to take and even used for cooking and seasoning.

MyCard Global

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.

Signature Finefood

Signature of Fine Food has a proud history operating for more than 3 decades in Malaysia. We maintain our position as a fine food distributor, with a focus on high quality fine food products of which are imported across the world.

Hairworx Co

Hairworx Sdn Bhd established in year 2008, we committed to provide the finest hair care to our customer. Our highly skilled creative team wants our customer to look and feel their absolute best, so we offer a variety of services to keep their locks just the way they love.

Hoong Yap Manufacturer Sdn Bhd

Malaysia Leading Wooden Products Supplier. We are one of the major manufacturers in Malaysia for any wooden-made products (Pallet & Crate) . We also supply any type of timber to our customers.

Hoong Yap Plantation | Agarwood

Hoong Yap Plantation is a company that specialized in plantation of Gaharu Trees (Agarwood) & Palm Trees. At the moment , we have a total 130 acres (30 acres for Gaharu Trees, 100 acres for Palm Trees) of our own plantations located in Keningau, Sabah. We do provide free site visit to Gaharu Trees Enthusiast or any potential investors who are interested in the Gaharu Trees Investment.

SKH Bakery


Atmosphere Hair Saloon

A New York inspired concept LOFT hair salon. To offer expert hairdressing from highly skilled stylists in a relaxed and friendly environment. To create easy-maintenance styles and up-to-the-minute colouring techniques to suit the individual and their lifestyle, whilst advising on easy-maintenance between salon visits.


We believe that socks should not be just an ordinary. That in a world filled with endless choices, a perfect sock is what you need in your journey! With this philosophy in mind, we have reinvented the therapeutic sock by spinning innovative technology with modern styling for a lifestyle look.

MNS Kamkim Sdn Bhd

MNS KAMKIM Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 on 20 April 1991. Headquarter is based at Selangor and we have been serving the East and West Malaysia stainless-steel development, kitchen equipment and construction community since our foundation.

Armarior 1993

Armarior is a leading player which operates in the sectors of customized furniture focusing on affordable luxury and craftsmanship. The rich Armarior services offer ideal furnishing solutions for developers, residential and commercial environments.

Getajob Msia

We exists to take the chaos out of your event planning. Our focus is to match clients with talent that will have the maximum impact on their project. 97% of our ventures are completed on time, on budget and without complaints. We take care of the details, so you can think about the big picture.

U.H Car Accessories

U.H Car Accessories was launched with the objective of making a wide range of car aceessories available at a reasonable price across Malaysia. We will make sure your process of buying and installing car accessories with good craftmanship and satisfiaction.

Ace Dream Design Studio

Using the human spirit as a starting point for architecture, design, and interiors is the mantra for this movement. Those successfully creating holistic homes put the human being in the center of the design process for the home.

AL Design and Marketing

AL Printing & Design provides one stop solution services from design to printing. Lock down the services needed and you may contact us for special requirement. Next started to send in design and communicate with our staff on what you need. Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because you’re having your work done with us.

Amiko Malaysia

We are trade specialists but all retail customers can expect a warm welcome from our experienced and knowledgeable staff. We stock a huge range of parts for all makes of car and light commercial vehicles, whether you are looking for original quality or a cheaper budget version you can be sure of a great parts and great discounts; in many cases up to 50% off main dealer retail prices.

ILKL Souvenir

Major Official Souvenir Suppliers to the Petronas Twin Tower Gift Shop. Additionally, we also custom design premium souvenir products for selected clients, one of which is AirAsia Berhad – keychains, jerseys and caps. Gift shops/outlets in other tourist spots that carry our products include those KL Tower, Central Market, Putra Mosque, KL Botanical Gardens, Petaling Street, Jalan Alor, and also in KLIA.

NLP Matrix Training


CSO Group

The Best Property and Construction Experts! Our expertise enables our clients to make informed commercial decisions about the portfolio they own, the businesses they are considering investing in or the buildings they occupy.

Vons Beauty

Vons Skin Beauty is a professional skincare salon. Vons Skin Beauty established in Kuala Lumpur since year 2000. We provides various services, such as facial treatments, body treatments, slimming programs, spa, and other beauty related services.


Ridbac is a technology innovation business which manufactures and distributes eco-friendly solutions that are used in eliminating bacteria & offensive odour arising from our daily routine.

Aco Eco Sdn Bhd

Founded in year 1995 as an electrical company. Renamed as Aco Eco in year 2013 where we focused in promote and create awareness of solar the renewable energy to the public. We are Eco Futurist that love seeking ways to conserve our mother earth relentlessly using Eco Building Materials, Solar Power and Mechanical & Engineering.

Minren Kopitiam

Minren Kopitiam are the go-to place for breakfast and/or lunch for many families across the state. It offers a smorgasbord of choices with plenty of vendors packed under one roof. Known as hawkers, some have been in the same spot for years now, cementing a reputation with the neighbouring community.


168一路發海产店坐落於著名渔村之都-瓜拉雪兰莪的小镇-巴西不南邦 Pasir Penambang。是一家手信,伴手礼,土产专业店埔。老板娘一直采购最优质的产品和服务给各个角落的您。对于本店所有的产品,都是由店主亲自精挑细选过和制作的,此来让网购的您能确保得到最新的产品。

Gogo Shop

Gogoshop strives to provide you with a great online shopping experience and we know a great experience often includes affordable prices. That’s why you should check out Gogoshop daily online flash Sale, where we offer you different products at a discounted price, ensuring you get a bang for your buck. For those who are brand-loyal, head over to for authentic products at superb prices.

Little Star Cafe

As the second wave of coronavirus continues to restrict in-person gatherings and dining outside, are you tired of cooking at home? Struggle no more! You can have Little Star Cafe instant pack at home and enjoy your star dinner at ease. Since 2011, Little Star Cafe has been serving the finest and delicious food to our customer. We aim to provide easy and convenient instant pack of which you may cook at home like a chef!

Ecoplas Sdn Bhd

With over decades of experience in the plastic manufacturing industry, we aim to deliver quality service and products to all our customers. Following more than ten years of good governance, ECOPLAS SDN BHD has developed into a highly professional plastic manufacturer. Backed by experience and world class manufacturing facilities, we are leading global plastic specialist.


ShowTV is a Malaysia based company which conduct the retail business online, taking orders through some digital platforms and shipping goods to customers directly and efficiency. We offer unbeatable deals featuring an endless range of products priced at affordable rates.

EZ Fresh

We’re proud to be one of KL best fruits & vegetables wholesale that hasn’t forgotten our roots and still represent the same passion for quality, service and values that we were built on and that our customers can rely on.

Smarguard Malaysia

We provide Sales and Service such as Multi-Scanning Temperature Camera, Fever Detection Alarm System, AI Temperature Scanner and the most common Infrared Thermometer, K3. The purpose is to create one stop station for temperature screening before entering premises. The brand itself clearly state that we provide smart guarding solution in terms of machine interface, software intelligence and high-tech function.

知味 – 巴生传承三代的风味


Genting Playtime

Gplay offers few service categories, including on-demand food & drinks delivery, catering, hotel & homestay booking. ticketing, and other leisure & entertainment lifestyle services. “A shop for 2” as its core business. Gplay is focusing on its Hotel Package, Food & Drinks delivery strategy to build a multi-level technology lifestyle service platform, covering the whole process from on-demand to supply in people’s daily lives.

Easy Financing Pro

我们是值得信赖的贷款服务公司之一,在柔佛,吉隆坡和雪兰莪州提供商业贷款和个人贷款服务。 我们的目标是为客户提供满意和明智的贷款,让他们长期偿还低息。 我们还保证不披露从客户处获得的任何信息,并且确保以私密和保密的方式管理所有信息。

Musetone Malaysia

Musetone Music & Lifestyle has developed from a traditional physical music store to an online music store, hoping to provide a one-stop and convenient online shopping service for music products for all music-loving customers and parents who care about their children.

PC Malaysia

Digital Tech Malaysia is a leading online shopping site based in Malaysia that brings you great deals, with platforms existing across Asia including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan.


Printke Sdn Bhd

PRINTKE is an online order system that established by AGTECH COMPUTER & PRINT that company provided printing services to small and big company.

Rootsbond Malaysia

Rootsbond is managed by a passionate team who is committed and driven. We are a start-up and service provider that offers end-to-end and ala carte e-commerce solutions for brands in Malaysia. We offer e-commerce consulting, digital marketing, store ops, database makeover and requalification. In here, we develop our core technology in-house on one integrated platform to make e-commerce easy for brands in the country.

Archilect Studio

Archilect is a collection of both architecture and interior design, founded in 2020, with the aim to help clients add value to their homes by providing design solutions. Playing the role as an interior designer, planner, and architect, we practice the design of buildings and connect with space, to redefine your home concept and execute the transformation of homes into new architectural designs.

How Stationary Mart

We are one stop stationery product and services provider which has been operating more than 20 years! How Stationery Mart has also diversifed the range of products and services. We provide a comprehensive range of office supplies including stationery, office supplies, printing services, key duplications, etc…



LBH Wooden Box Manufacturing

When it comes to building construction, furniture making, manufacturing of ply woods etc, the word timber can be heard. Better yet, timber is organic and renewable! This is where LBH Wooden Box Manufacturing takes a part in the usage of timber. Specifically, we specialize in the manufacturing of wooden cases, pallets and timber trading.

Tone Wow

Tonewow is a calling for greatest package launched by Tonegroup and Digi on October 18, 2018. Sim card is an indispensable necessity in our lives. Here’s how to use your calling services, yet able to save and turn your monthly expenses into income.

Anastasia Baby Care

Anastasia baby cream using pure essential oil to blend in our baby cream, at a safe level of dilution. This soft feel cream is made of RMA, a croda product from France.

The Arcuz

The Arcuz is a new high rise development in the heart of Kelana Jaya. It located near to Paradigm Shopping Mall with premium accessibility to LDP highways and amenities. Just down the road you can access to SS2 Petaling Jaya, Damansara Uptown and Damansara Utama, which has another shopping mall, One Utama Shopping Mall. Subang Jaya is only 15 minutes away from The Arcuz either via Federal Highway or via an internal routes towards SS15 of Subang Jaya.

HM Brow Beauty


Agape Biz Specialist

We are specialist in doing SME loan/commercial loan/property loan/individual loan. We works with almost all the banks in Malaysia including foreign and local banks. We will do pre-screening and give the best advice in term of interest rate, margin, and packages as different bank has different criteria. We can offer to you clean loan without any collateral is up to 20 million.

Advanced Trader Sdn Bhd

We exist to give traders like you – who see opportunities where others don’t. We know why you need the tightest spreads and fastest execution. We know why you need the best trading tools. We understand the importance of regulation and trust. So that’s exactly what we give you – all backed up with award winning customer service.

Toy House

With 50 thousands+ customers and nearly a 100 thousands online visitors every year, we’re helping make our customers’ lives easier. We have something for all the family, including top brands like Bose, Beats, Dyson, LEGO, Nespresso and Samsung, and exclusive lines like Chad Valley.

SoLove Beauty


Lavo Cleaner

Best cleaning experience starts here. Our service teams cover major cities in Selangor that includes Petaling Jaya, Kelana Jaya, Shah Alam, Kota Kemuning, Setia Alam, Kota Damansara, Bandar Utama, SS 2, Sunway, Subang Jaya, USJ, Cheras, Balakong, Seri Kembangan, Serdang, Puchong, Ampang, Gombak, Selayang, and etc.


Learn Anywhere, Learn Anytime. Woteachni is a set of highly effective online revision solution that assists with self-learning, video tutorials & online examination that prepares students for their exams.

Naughty Nuris Malaysia

Naughty Nuri’s is the brainchild of American Brian Aldinger and Indonesian Isnuri Suryatmi (Nuri). The husband and wife duo first opened the small road-side stall in Ubud, Bali in 1995. The global expansion is further carried by the Naughty Nuri’s International President Mr. Peter Khor.

ECOC Malaysia

We are a e-commerce offline center (retail outlet) that let e-commerce merchant to put their product on our booth & shelf. With this cooperation mode, all of our merchants’ customers can come to the door to see, touch, test the products and purchase on the spot.

Everspring City

Everspring City have been working on an international level, operating a network of partnership offices across several countries especially in Asia for biomass production. Our primary role is to promote sustainable fuel and moving towards a safer and cleaner environment.

Kudos Studio

We are a leading casting company sourcing and providing professional models, talents, celebrities, influencers for tv commercials, print ads, web films and events.


As Humanity has developed through the eons, so too have we taken a toll on our environment. Not just locally and regionally, but globally as well. Pollution is a concern for our entire ecosystem. What we do in our households impacts the global eco-sphere. We advocate a move away from harsh and potentially toxic and damaging chemicals, in favour of more natural, gentler products – every little bit helps.


大发来(MMC RESOURCES)是一家专门开发,生产及经销宗教供奉的神料产品配件的公司。这家公司的成立带有神奇色彩,是得到观世音菩萨托梦指示,为信徒,庙宇设计和制作各种神料用品。该公司的老板原本从事塑胶代工生意。某晚该老板在梦中得到观世音的指引要他设计莲花奉献于观世音菩萨,他梦醒后把事情向伙伴商讨研究才决定开发投入神料产品配件。

Fast Money

Fast Money提供具有低利率的贷款,同时收取固定的8%至15%的合理年利率。我们是您值得信赖的贷款机构。我们专注于个人和商务贷款,快速的贷款批准政策,我们相信将为您带来更方便和更容易的方案,以便处理您所有的财物烦恼。

Beauty Shop

Give yourself a moment of wellness. Vitality Skin & Soul wellness to inspiring life of balance.

Axpro Hardware & Machinery Sdn Bhd

Axpro Hardware & Machinery Sdn Bhd was established back in 2012, the leading agents and trusted distributors for many power tools and equipments. We have more than 10 years of experience in distributing and selling all kind of machinery & hardware products in Malaysia. In fact, Axpro is a trusted distributor and agent for several branded machinery from China & Taiwan.

Protrory Engeneering

Having a collaborative project from the wisdom of a number of Malaysian engineers focusing on steel architecture and high-rise engineering, we have created a heavyweight trory that conforms to international mechanical standards, providing you with a heavyweight trory that is easy to carry, efficient and safe.


Sinterio Non-Stick Diamond Grip Pan is made by SUS 304 Food-grade Stainless Steel that can handle screaming-hot temperatures and conducts heats evenly for foolproof cooking. all Sinterio food grade containers are comply with all recognised safety standard. Stainless steel and plastic parts in the Sinterio product do not contain any heavy metal or plasticizer which is harmful to human body.

Crystal Mania

The high vibrational power of crystals encourages us to shift our perspective, get centered in what we want and manifest our aspirations into realities.

E-Wellness 2U

E-Wellness2U is an organisation made up of the perfect combination of highly skilled, well-trained leaders and hardworking, detail-oriented individuals who strive every day to come up with the best possible health and wellness products for the people that mean the most to us – our customers.

8Print Sdn Bhd

8Print is the Malaysia top leading manufacturer, wholesale for industrial advertisement&inkjet printing industry nationwide. We specialise in design, signage and print of high quality custom made products and concept.

ALT Exhibitions

ALT Exhibitions is an exhibition organizer which have expertise in both trade and consumer shows.

Myanmar Franchise Expo

The 3rd edition of Myanmar Franchise Expo & Conference is back on 6th – 8th March 2020 at Myanmar Expo, Fortune Plaza, featuring world class franchising & licensing opportunities in Myanmar co-locating with Tastefully Myanmar 2020 and Myanmar Coffee, Tea & Sweets Expo 2020 – Myanmar Biggest Food & Drink Expo which will be occupying 3 halls at Myanmar Expo.

Joyful Academy

Joyful Academy “real time” program trains specific regions of the brain to function efficiently via information presented in the form of proprietary developed activities. With regular participation, brainwaves activity can be conditioned to generate predetermined results whilst inhibiting undesirable outcomes.

Covidx Asia

Covidx Asia is a distributor for premium quality of 4ply Face Mask and Covid-19 Test Kit. Never risk your family. Test now and secure them./p>

Sumei Aesthetics

素美.美学,致力于提供安全可靠,最具水准的医美疗程。在姿颜医美,所有疗程均由专业及经验丰富的团队和拥有多年经验的美容师主理。 我们会根据顾客的不同需求,为您定制适合您并且能达到最佳效果的疗程。以客为先一向是我们的宗旨,所以姿颜医美奋力为顾客提供热忱的服务。



Thai Odyssey Spa and Cafe

The story of Baan Kun Ya began with a boy who had fond memories growing up in his Grandma’s house. His childhood was filled with unforgettable moments of him accompanying Grandma in the kitchen and learning how to use herbs and spices to create wonderfully tasty dishes. And what he loved the most was seeing the smiles on his family’s faces as they gather around the dining table, enjoying the food he prepared.

ClubDeAngels | iDefender-INC

口罩和消毒剂已经是现在生活的基本的装备,但是你可想过 Delta 病毒强势来袭而我们一直忙碌在外,你最终需要一个强大的防护罩保护你的家人!荣获国际第三方权威认证报告,INC- 16,000 ppm 浓度液体 ~纳米铜离子喷雾液,iDefender-INC,这种 纳米铜离子喷雾液能在短短 60 秒即可消毒杀菌,包括 H1N1,H2N3,SARS 病毒, MERS 和最新的冠状病毒, 同时净化空气。

Honda Sri Utama

Honda Sri Utama Sdn Bhd is authorised and regulated by the Honda Global Conduct Authority in relation to Honda goods and services. Established since 2000, Honda Sri Utama has been operating and providing services to over 100 thousands customer in relative to any services and goods. We are available at 5 states and running operation nationwide throughout Malaysia.

JW Hardwares

JW Hardwares is a buying and marketing business owned by its members who has ran their own stores for decades. These stores include hardware, housewares, cooking hardwares, and etc… As well as offering our customers low prices, Our home Hardware are renowned for providing exceptional service; If we don’t have what you are looking for our staff will do their best to get it for you.

Sensyx Parlour

Since 2015 . Products all imported from japan and Korean etc. Whether you’re looking for a sexy pout, reviving your eyes, or checking out the hottest procedure in our office, the Sculptra butt injection for fullness, trust your Cosmetic Services to the BEST. Sensxy Parlour is voted one of the Best Choose injectors & Cosmentic Surgeon Welcome come and visit us .

Do Print Adv

Do Print Adv is an established company dealing with an ever-growing advertisement industry in Malaysia. We specialize in design, signage and print of high quality custom made products and concept.

MJ Legasi

MJ LEGASI has been providing services for t-shirt printing, design and embroidery for customers in Malaysia form more than a decade. Our growth in the T-Shirt printing industry can be attributed to our focus on providing superior quality printed t shirts and design at a very affordable price.

Gogoweshop Malaysia

Gogo-weshop keeps its ingredients simple, naturally for you, just as mother nature intended. All of the ingredients used are ethically sourced, 100% raw and organic. The best of the best ingredients range includes: Raw Coconut Oil, Pure Shea Butter, Pure Shea Butter with Cocoa Butter and much more.

Kimari Asia

Sleek and sophisticated, Kimari Asia offers qualities always coveted, but rarely obtained in the finest Malaysia investment properties – Our expertise enables our clients to make informed commercial decisions about the portfolio they own, the businesses they are considering investing in or the buildings they occupy.

TTP Mall

TTP团队公司成立于2019年,由15年业内经验的 Mr.Raymond Soh (+6014 679 7856) 领袖创办,和各位非常用心的Astar专业代理商共同经营。

Ugo Grocery

At Ugo Grocery our mission is to become the region’s foremost online delivery service of the freshest groceries, HMC-certified halal meat and everyday household items. With over 30 years experience in our field, we endeavour to achieve this through impeccable customer service, uncompromising quality and an unwavering commitment to the most important people to us – YOU the customer.

Kissy Bra Gallery


Lapure Malaysia

LAPURE is a brand company to supply all pure harvested products to meet modern healthy lifestyles. The establishment of the company holds the propect to convey wellness information apart from supplying healthy food, products & supplements.

Cleozze Beauty

Indulge your skin with the rich, velvety texture of our firming face mask. Using the latest science and technology in SKIN PIGMENT RESEARCH , we have developed a multi effect formula of exclusive glutathione and some unique ingredients, which can double lock melanin cells from the inside to the outside, so that women can restore pearl like bright skin and reduce the stubborn pigmentation.

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We Plan, Design, Build & Deliver

Hello. We are SetCode.
A Brand Agency focused on Vision, Product and People.


Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realisation. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions.

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What we can do for you & your business

We don’t just sell websites, we create websites that SELL

You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and bring them back to your store.

Exon ChanDigital Consultant of SetCode Consultancy

When you say it, it’s marketing. When your customer says it, it’s social proof.

Joseph LaiProject Director of SetCode Consultancy

Communication is at the heart of E-commerce and community.

Aaron LamCustomer Service of SetCode Consultancy

Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.

Zack YeeProject Manager of SetCode Consultancy

You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.

Jessica LeongSales Manager of SetCode Consultancy

If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.

Rick PongSales Manager of SetCode Consultancy